Displays / Exibitions

The Society has mounted major exhibits in the past, forerunners to our current arms fairs and in recent years has displayed at all major arms fairs within NSW. We are working on sponsoring major events in the near future. Go to the Events page to find out when and where the next display will be held.


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To download a copy of the membership form, please click here Membership Form

Your membership of the Society will provide you with a number of benefits, some of which are summarized here:


The Society publishes a journal called “Arms Cavalcade” which showcases arms and accessories from society members, with enthuses on research of Australian historic items. This journal is produced on an annual basis and it is circulated to all members.

An informative newsletter is also circulated to members to keep them informed of meetings, passing news, chapter details and legislation updates. Articles of interest are always welcome. This newsletter is normally produced on a bi-monthly basis. You can download and read a copy of the latest newsletters in this website in the “News” page.



Please note that your membership needs to be renewed by the 30th December each year. For those members who don’t renew their membership their names will be removed from the Register. The Firearms Registry is required to be advised of all changes including this action which may cause cancellation of the Collectors’ Licences of the members concerned.


The legal protection of collector’s rights and of the collections themselves is a foremost agenda for the Society’s committee. Protect your right to collect antique arms. The Society is your safeguard against excessive firearm legislation.